09 January 2010.

London: Dark at 4 and is pelting with rain and surrounded by constant whinging about the snow.


I don’t know why we did it.

I cant entirely remember actually saying “ yes, lets go for it” or “ yes,  this is what I want and it’s a great idea”. It just happened – all in 2 months.

We now own a dire dire dire farmhouse and 12 acres of land in the spectacular Soca Valley, Slovenia.

I SAID SLOVENIA not SLOVAKIA.  If I hear Slovakia one more time…….

4 years later I am knee deep in snow, -17 degrees and sanding floors in a farm house in Slovenia. Effing madness if you ask me……………. So don’t.

My story begins with a farmhouse, 12 acres, a lovely boyfriend who totally knows how to work my decision making process so that “ it would be good for him” doesn’t feel so painful……………. I wish some one would tell my back and knees that. Renovations hurt – everywhere

I have always wanted to move BACK to the country and get in touch with nature a bit more. You see, living in London and kicking rats out of the way to get to the tube and minding the gap in the pavements is hardly nature now is it?

I want the open spaces, greenery and the fresh air.

I want to eat every thing that I have grown and made.

That’s what I want.

Not that I know anything about all of that and getting to that point but well, I’d give it a go for sure.………

We are just back from 10 days in Slovenia trying to make a building site a home.

10 days of sanding, painting and varnishing everything in sight to with in an inch of its life.


Christmas at the German outlaws (thanks mamma b for the venison! yum) then straight to the farm to work work work. And yes, before you ask, my german had me working – he runs a tight schedule that one so had my days planned down to n’th degree…..


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