Where we started

Hey all,

so years ago we went on a holiday to Slovenia.

We came back owning a farmhouse and 12 acres in probably the most beautiful place i have ever seen.

We are in the Soca Valley in North West Slovenia. Its full of mountains and rivers, streams and forrests.

We have our little piece of that now and we are so so happy about that i can tell you!!

Anyway, we are still doing it up, that will take years, come and track our progress. The house had no one living in it for over 30 years, the roof was shot, no connection to the electricity, no sewage as far as we could tell and a road that made you feel like you were on a day out with the landrover club ever time you went near it

The Road......

We actually owned it before we had the courage to go into the house, that roof leak made the staircases rot and collapse. And one full floor was not even there……. never worked out what actually happened to it.

When its finished, it will be 4 doubles – all with bathrooms with a separate lounge and dining rooms.

Come see us sometime…….. but bring your work clothes!!

Where is the top floor???


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