Klavže 28 is special. Ben and Steffan set eyes on this spot a few years back and set up shop in spring 2011. Ben being the farm and culinary expert and Steffan looking after creature comforts.

Whether you choose relaxation at the farmhouse or prefer the outdoor adventure sports such as white-water rafting, paragliding, mountain biking, a quiet yoga holiday, a dip in the refreshing rock pool a minute’s walk from the house or a skiing weekend, we will do our best for you to enjoy your stay. Klavže 28 is the perfect base for summer as well as winter activities.

Food is our passion. Grown or sourced locally – we’re slowly learning about traditional methods – good food is a big part of the place.

We believe that the return to a more natural method of food production is not only good for the body and soul but essential to our natural environment. Whether it’s home-grown in our veggie garden, or the organic cheese from the local area, Tolminska; we take joy in sharing the freshest and the best produce with our guests.

Trout fishing is big in the area and a favourite regional dish. In the spring the abundance of wild garlic in the forest next to the house make a perfect ingredient for our garlic pesto. The chooks provide fresh eggs for breakfast, which Ben or Steffan prepare, and there’ll always be a taster of the local prosciutto or salami next to a glass of wine.

Come and have a look. You might love it.