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14  January 2010

Still not actually recovered from the 10 days of work, such a princess right?


These office hands will never be the same again, actually, I am bored with the office hands, I want butch calloused dinner plate sized hands now  – a new life, a new set of hands?!?!

A bit if background is probably the best idea here, we bought the place in 2006, it was a total mess but it was love at first sight. Within 2 months the place was ours – man, how quick was that?

Anyway, we bought it with out actually stepping one foot inside it – it was too unsafe to enter so we winged it and took a chance.

That line running along the wall is where the staircase should be……

Where is the top floor???

The house had not been occupied for over 30 years – vacancy takes its toll on a building and there were holes in the roof……. And we all know what that means ROT.

Especially with over 40 inches of rain a year. (that’s a lot of rain for those that don’t know – I am still getting my head around how much that actually is – sometimes it feels like we get all of that in one day)

After saving, scrimping and (most probably) stupidly drawing on my London flat equity, we started work to completely renovate the whole place. We had to start from scratch as staircases had fallen through floors, one whole floor just wasn’t even there (dunno where that went) and also, to run tourists out of the house – there is regulation.

We found a half Slovenian half English builder and got to work, Daron and his workers Vili and Stoyan were great, local Slovenes that know every one in the region and can always find what we are looking for. Not sure if that is a good or a bad thing… good for the house, bad for the wallett.

So proceeded to build a road, try to deal with all the water converging from the mountain behind us, put on a new roof, new floors, tile bathrooms, kitchen and dining rooms…… they worked so so hard, for about a year.

Then the money ran out.

Thanks Mr Gordon Brown, thanks for all your work on ruining the £ and making it basically 1 to 1 with the euro. Ok, so it wasn’t all his fault, he had a few helpers. lovely isn’t it?

So, before we turned up at the end of Jan the house looked like a building site, dust everywhere, cigarette buts on the floor – the works.

Oh, did I mention how much I LOVE slovenia, in fact, it even has it in the country name. sLOVEnia……… all together now……… “aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”


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Home renovation Background on why….